The Mission of Conservation Times

Conservation Times, a quarterly newsletter, is an initiative of the Tourism and Wildlife Society of India (TWSI). Its aim is to provide education and awareness about conservation and wildlife.

Each issue addresses a theme subject. Conservation Times is managed by a global editorial board with members from India, the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and Nepal.

The CT Board works to ensure broad participation by various authors including editorial board members. Subject matter experts submit articles as do volunteers on nature, wildlife conservation, and wildlife tourism-oriented subjects.

TWSI is a registered charity in India that has been operating for more than 40 years. It attempts to bring about appreciation and delight in the natural world, its wild species, and habitats. The Society’s programs make people better aware of what they ought to do to conserve natural
resources. It is administered by elected members of its executive committee. Its founder President was Jaipur’s princess, Gayatri Devi. The previous President is Mr. Samar Singh. The present President is Mr. Anand Mishra. Mr. Harsh Vardhan is its Honorary Secretary.

TWSI’s conservation and education initiatives are managed by the Indian Birding Fair Group
( One of the group’s most noted activities is the Indian Birding Fair. It is held annually during early February at Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur. Attendance each year numbers a few thousand visitors. Nearly twenty schools actively participate in its open-air sessions. Each
fair is dedicated to a species, habitat, or conservation problem. It is a roaring event which is best experienced by joining it. The 23rd Indian Birding Fair will be held during the month of
February 2020.